Kigaeno Moondancer (kigaeno) wrote in humanity_ooc,
Kigaeno Moondancer


Here's a list of Rifts that have been opened; your character could find any of these. I basicly made one from each world to each other world in different places.

one sideother side
Kefka's Tower (6)Midgar alley (7)
Coliseum arena (6) Balamb Garden training center (8)
South Figaro secret passage (6)edge of Black Mage Village (9)
Zozo top of tallest building (6)Mi'ihen Highroad (10)
basement Nibelheim mansion (7)Moomba Village elder's house (8)
Wutai item shop (7)Lindblum theater district (9)
North Crater (7)Bevelle front gate (10)
Sorceress Memorial (8)Daguerro Library (9)
Timber Inn (8)Besaid Beach (10)
Midway between Burmecia and Cleyra (9)Zanarkand Ruins (10)

In addition to this there are the portals at Kigaeno's bases that lead to each of his other bases:
(6) Narsh Mines moogle room
(7) Temple of the Ancients near where Aeris died
(8) Deep Sea Research Facility near the entry way
(9) Cleyra under the gazebo
(10) Bikenel desert in basement of former 'Home'
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